Monday, October 11, 2021

The End - For Now

PREVIOUSLY: Super Cine-Vision!

It was always my intention to port over all the content from my previous adult-themed blog to Your Online Secret.  This was one of the few reasons I had for not shuttering this place when I had the chance on October 1st.  I have had some time to consider everything and I believe I should acknowledge that further posting here on a serious basis - even if it's just reposting older material - is just not in the cards at this point.

I began my first "adult" blog over 10 years ago.  None have ever really taken, and only Super Cine-Vision! still survives at all thanks to Tumblr being incredibly short-sighted.  But the bigger problem has been the fact that I just cannot maintain long-term interest when faced with ever-changing platform interfaces and ever-dwindling audience numbers.

I'm oddly proud of what I've accomplished between these two blogs, and I regret that I can't find the will to continue or even finish the process of merging them into one.  I will still be posting over at Letterboxd and The Movie Database for the foreseeable future.  So this is less an end and more of a transition.

I'm not ruling out a possible return to these parts.  I mean, who knows what the future holds?  There's always the chance this could become a viable and preferred option.  For now, however, Your Online Secret is officially closed for business.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

My Favorite Classic Adult Film Stars - Loose Ends

As you may know, I have been posting an ongoing list of "My Favorite Classic Adult Film Stars" on Your Online Secret.  With the recent decision to discontinue the blog (and more details on this next time), that series will be reaching a premature conclusion.  However, the master list I have been using still has not been completed.  Therefore, for the record, here are the rest of My Favorite Classic Adult Film Stars.

I should point out that, even at 150 entries, this list is by no means complete.  This is just as far as I'd gotten by the current writing.  I apologize to all the performers I love or even just kinda like who I never remembered to include on my list.  Also, I'm sorry to everyone listed here and their fans for not providing a link lineup as was seen in all previous entries.  I just don't have it in me at this late date.

Prior installments can be found by searching the archives.  The most recent one should have links to all other entries.  Once again, I just cannot anymore.

121 - Lei Petite

122 - Sarah Walker

123 - Jack Baker

124 - Marilyn Jess

125 - Virginia Winter

126 - Shaun Michelle

127 - Gina Valentino

128 - Angel Ducharme

129 - Carter Stevens

130 - Rikki Blake

131 - Jon Martin

132 - Stacy Donovan

133 - Desiree Lane

134 - Maria Lease

135 - Nicole Blanc

136 - Victoria Starr

137 - Hillary Summers

138 - Nancy Suiter

139 - Cheri Champagne

140 - Ambrosia Fox

141 - Velvet Summers

142 - Sierra

143 - Steve Drake

144 - Francesca Le

145 - Desiree West

146 - Destiny Duvall

147 - Mariwin Roberts

148 - Candie Evans

149 - Patricia Dale

150 - Lisa Cintrice

Friday, October 1, 2021


There was supposed to be a new blog post in this spot.  I had worked on it for awhile.  However, when reviewing the material for use elsewhere, I discovered it was riddled with bad coding and other errors.  I have therefore pulled the post.  Don't worry, a corrected version is already up on another platform.  And since we're here...

Doing another blog in this era was an experiment of sorts.  I felt like I had a good plan and I started with some real momentum.  But I began to lose steam around April, and a steady readership never materialized.  I think it's time to quit fighting a losing battle.

If this blog continues in any way, it will be to perpetuate my adult film stars lists and to repurpose some older content.  I'm not even sure if those things will happen.  There will be an announcement at some point by year's end if it's all over.

The pulled post was to be a supplemental log for Letterboxd.  I'm going to focus some more on that site and my TMDB activities moving forward.  I'll still be posting in my usual haunts, too.  I'm not going away!

Thanks to everyone who has supported Your Online Secret through its brief lifespan.  I appreciate you all!  While it's not officially over until I say so, this will almost certainly be the last blog site I create.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

My Favorite Classic Adult Film Stars - Part 12

RECAP:  The present author has been using Hotmovies to maintain a list of my favorite (classic) adult film stars.  This is not intended as a comprehensive list of the best or most legendary stars; these are just my personal favorites, and this list is purely for fun.  I have included links to each performer's Hotmovies profile, their Internet Movie Database (IMDb) profile, their Internet Adult Film Database (IAFD) profile, and (where applicable) their dedicated thread at the Vintage Erotica Forum (VEF).  The present author cannot guarantee that there are no errors at these links.  Just something to keep in mind as you explore.

This list is in no particular order, except for the first two entries.  In cases where a performer is known by multiple names, I've gone with my personal preference.  Not all the profiles use the same names for the same person.

This is the twelfth installment of an ongoing series.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

111 - Eve Orlon

Hotmovies - IMDb - IAFD - VEF

112 - Tori Welles

Hotmovies - IMDb - IAFD - VEF

113 - Maggie Williams

Hotmovies - IMDb - IAFD - VEF

114 - Jacqueline Lorians

Hotmovies - IMDb - IAFD - VEF

115 - Careena Collins

Hotmovies - IMDb - IAFD - VEF

116 - Heather Hart

Hotmovies - IMDb - IAFD - VEF

117 - K.C. Williams

Hotmovies - IMDb - IAFD - VEF

118 - Angela Summers

Hotmovies - IMDb - IAFD - VEF

119 - Zara Whites

Hotmovies - IMDb - IAFD - VEF

120 - John Stagliano

Hotmovies - IMDb - IAFD - VEF (N/A)

To be continued...

Friday, September 3, 2021

Rhonda Vanderbildt - Racing Heart

If you're wondering why a song from someone named "Rhonda Vanderbildt" is being featured here, a quick examination will reveal the answer.  Yes, "Rhonda" is adult film star Rachel Ashley.  And you know what?  This song "Racing Heart" is actually really good!

If you're curious about Rachel Ashley's music career as Rhonda, here is a link to her Discogs profile.  It's pretty light, so there doesn't appear to be much out there.  I know I'm going to be on the lookout for more songs!

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Your Online Secret, Now On Letterboxd

Hey, did you see the news about Letterboxd and adult films?  Guess what?  Your Online Secret is now on Letterboxd!

This is not intended as a replacement for the blog (which is back if you hadn't noticed), but a way to track the films covered here.  Hopefully, it will eventually serve as a way to get eyeballs for this place.  We'll see.

The Letterboxd Your Online Secret list can be found here.  You will need to register an account and enable adult titles in the settings to see most of the entries.  This is still very much a work in progress, but it's already come together pretty well in my opinion.  

Saturday, July 31, 2021


There's still a lot more to say on Your Online Secret, but I realized recently that I am seriously burned out on doing this blog.  I'm going on what is intended to be a hiatus, but you and I both know these sort of "hiatuses" can turn out to be permanent.  Therefore, here is a notice if that happens to be the case here.

It's been fun, even if no one is reading most of the time.  Hopefully, I can get back to the right frame of mind for blogging.  Stay tuned!