Wednesday, July 21, 2021


(Vanna Bardot and Jade Baker)


* The linked IMDb entry is for the scene compilation TEEN LESBIANS 2 which is available both via streaming platforms and DVD.  "BEST FRIENDS TO LOVERS" is the third scene included in TEEN LESBIANS 2.  As of this writing, there is no entry for TEEN LESBIANS 2 on IAFD.

I'm just going to come right out and say that I am pretty sure Alan X (aka Stills by Alan) is my favorite currently active adult director.  I sort of stumbled into this realization gradually, but I always find myself entertained by his work even if it isn't necessarily my cup of tea in certain instances.  Though I've actually already reviewed his work at Your Online Secret (FLASHBACK), I wanted to highlight one of his more recent scenes to discuss his current activities.

I decided to check out BEST FRIENDS TO LOVERS (via the TEEN LESBIANS 2 DVD mentioned above) after watching this video on the Holly Randall Unfiltered Youtube channel.  In the video, Vanna Bardot mentions that her favorite girl/girl scene partner is Jade Baker because they have known each other since high school and have chemistry together due to their friendship.  This really piqued my curiosity, and it just so happens this is the only studio scene featuring these two ladies.  So it was a real no-brainer to look into BEST FRIENDS TO LOVERS.

No synopsis this time, since it's kind of self-explanatory.  If you need one, check out the IAFD profile or the scene's page on the site.  It's actually a fairly long piece of text, but there is plenty of free content for you at the link, too.

I'm very impressed by BEST FRIENDS TO LOVERS.  I obviously know Alan X can deliver based on my experiences with his other productions.  These two women are also obviously professionals who are very good at what they do and give credible performances in addition to having hot sex.  But you can't fake the kind of chemistry these two do indeed have together.  Their roles as best friends has an extra layer because it's rooted in truth.  Vanna Bardot and Jade Baker are into one another and care about one another and it shines on the screen for all to see.

I highly recommend BEST FRIENDS TO LOVERS for anyone who enjoys characterization-driven lesbian sex scenes.  There's not a ton of detail, but what is there is golden. I think has basically become inactive due everything that happened in the world during 2020-2021, but it appears to still be operational at this writing.  Meanwhile, you can keep track of the current activities of Alan X, Vanna Bardot, and Jade Baker at their respective Twitter accounts! 

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