Monday, October 11, 2021

The End - For Now

PREVIOUSLY: Super Cine-Vision!

It was always my intention to port over all the content from my previous adult-themed blog to Your Online Secret.  This was one of the few reasons I had for not shuttering this place when I had the chance on October 1st.  I have had some time to consider everything and I believe I should acknowledge that further posting here on a serious basis - even if it's just reposting older material - is just not in the cards at this point.

I began my first "adult" blog over 10 years ago.  None have ever really taken, and only Super Cine-Vision! still survives at all thanks to Tumblr being incredibly short-sighted.  But the bigger problem has been the fact that I just cannot maintain long-term interest when faced with ever-changing platform interfaces and ever-dwindling audience numbers.

I'm oddly proud of what I've accomplished between these two blogs, and I regret that I can't find the will to continue or even finish the process of merging them into one.  I will still be posting over at Letterboxd and The Movie Database for the foreseeable future.  So this is less an end and more of a transition.

I'm not ruling out a possible return to these parts.  I mean, who knows what the future holds?  There's always the chance this could become a viable and preferred option.  For now, however, Your Online Secret is officially closed for business.

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